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You give your patients
a reason to smile...

let DentalBanc do the
same for you.

DentalBanc will make
your day at the office
a little easier...

almost like a day at the beach.

Do you offer costly
procedures that can
necessitate an office payment plan?

DentalBanc can help!

Are 3rd party finance
companies running
away with your profits?

DentalBanc can help!

What our clients are saying

DentalBanc has been the best payment method our office has ever used!

Beth Williams, Bartlett Pediatric Dentistry, Bartl

Who We Are/What We Do

DentalBanc is a risk assessment and payment management provider specializing in electronic payments for dentists and orthodontists. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in risk assessment and we have been managing payment plans for businesses since 2001. Our Risk Assessment tools help a practice determine risk before deciding to offer an office payment plan. Then, DentalBanc manages these dental payment plans by drafting the monthly payments from the responsible party’s checking account or credit card. We also handle all follow-up related to that payment. DentalBanc is a GREAT alternative to 3rd Party Financing. Request a demo to learn about Risk Assessment, Payment Management, and our entire suite of practice management tools.